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Hoosier, Father, Empath, Tech Enthusiast, Space & Physics Geek, Gamer, Travel & Exploration Lover, ChatGPT Hobbyist, Stocks & Crypto Amateur

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My Values

Virtues in life are like medals you earn over time. Here are some of the traits I feel I've upheld or lived up to during my career.

Trust is a two-way street

Understanding that the job will be done, not just completely but thoroughly — because I understand that when we work together my reputation and yours are intertwined.

I've demonstrated this set of values:

  • As a HIPAA Compliance Specialist — ensuring patient data was secure from any potential exposure hazards

  • Bringing quantitative and qualitative data versus opinion to the table for Fortune 100 company decision-making

Seeing your user's reflection in yourself

Eliminating biases and keeping a fair and balanced opinion on all facets and phases of the marketing funnel — placing yourself in the user's shoes, approaching with a childlike naiveté. These things assist with making a watertight product.

I've demonstrated this set of values:

  • Conducting live user panels, observational reporting and in-depth dissection of user feedback and survey data to inform Fortune 100 company decision-making

  • Advocating for mechanisms to reduce user effort for a more frictionless experiences and ease in findability

Teamwork makes the dream work

Though I've done it alone before, I've seen how sometimes all folks need is a little help hammering through objectives.

I can work within parameters as well as I can with free reign. I'm committed to assisting however possible.

“Brandon’s professional understanding of design, user experience, experimentation and ability to collaborate across teams and lead projects from start to finish has been a tremendous benefit to our team’s success.”

Peace of mind knowing you're covered

I've worked with solo startups and Enterprise-level companies alike. Whether it's taking the lead or falling into an established process, I'm well-versed in offering the kind of help that not only moves the needle but puts your mind at ease.

“Brandon was extremely helpful being our core designer ensuring the agency had [everything they needed]. This timeline was extremely aggressive and Brandon always pulled through meeting the deadlines and helping coach the agency through a hand-off.”

“Brandon has a great balance between design and user experience. He can think about the entire platform and ensure that we’re thinking about our customers experience first when interacting with what we build.”

Lauren Esposito
Business Director, Salesforce Marketing Cloud

“Just wanted to thank you again for coming to Dublin to support and work with us on really key projects like ROI calculator. Was fantastic having you here and the whole team got a huge amount out of working with you and seeing that process and prototyping in action.”

Kieran Guckian
Director, Web Development & Production, Salesforce (EMEA)

“I appreciate his objective approach and have come to rely on his thorough and thoughtful manner, knowing that small details won’t be overlooked.”

Arthur Patterson
Director, Global Taxonomy at Salesforce

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